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The names of the Winners second period of the festival are as follows:
Short Film

Name Film Country Award
Anaïs Nativel Join me France The Best Fiction Short Film (Certificate-Officiall selected for the next festival)
Chrishantha Surith Fernando An Orange And The Eye Australia The Best Director (Certificate)
Sahar Jafarizad the fosterless Iran The Best Screenplay (Certificate)
Se Rim Yang Noise South Korea The Best Editor (Certificate)
Anna Stefaniak BACK and FORTH Poland The Best Actress (Certificate)
Ilja Baumeier, Saladin Dellers Abhauen Switzerland The Best Actor (Certificate)
Álvaro Martín Sanz Aqueducts Spain The Best Documentary Short Film (Certificate)
Nicolas P. Villarreal On/Off Argentina The Best Short Animation (Certificate)
Bernardo Quesney Megalomania Chile The Best Music Video (Certificate)
Vahid Yaraymadi Even from that world Iran The Best Music (Certificate)
Roohollah Fakhroo the border Iran Honorable Mention-Fiction Short Film (Certificate)
Sahar Jafarizad the fosterless Iran Honorable Mention-Director (Certificate)
Sahar Mahmoudi The two edges of the earth Iran Honorable Mention-Director (Certificate)
Majid Yusefi Malum Iran Honorable Mention-Editor (Certificate)
Paniz Amini METAMORPHOSIS Iran Honorable Mention-Actress (Certificate)
Wada Muñoz año uno Spain Honorable Mention-Actress (Certificate)
Harmanjeet Singh An Orange And The Eye Australia Honorable Mention-Actor (Certificate)
Bretecher Bretecher Les Vierges Consacrées France Honorable Mention-Documentary Short Film (Certificate)
Hossein Javadzadeh Day After Tomorrow Iran Honorable Mention-Short Animation (Certificate)
Omid Seifi Sun Iran Honorable Mention-Short Animation (Certificate)
Shayan Naghibi The Hands Iran Honorable Mention-Short Animation (Certificate)
Hadi Manavipour Sit Biyarem Iran Honorable Mention-Music Video (Certificate)
Feature Film

Name Film Country Award
Shekh al Mamun Perm Korea, Republic of The Best Feature Film (Certificate-Officiall selected for the next festival)
Railane Borges, Matías Palma November Brazil The Best Director (Certificate)
Maria Gisèle Royo NISE, A journey in the negation of love Spain The Best Screenplay (Certificate)
Lara Lazaretti November Brazil The Best Actress (Certificate)
Kim Jong Tae Perm Korea, Republic of The Best Actor (Certificate)
Lara Lee K two and the Invisible Footmen United States The Best Documentary Film (Certificate)
APMMusic-Audio Jungle Alaska Long Hunters Albany The Best Music (Certificate)
Andrea Lodovichetti Pescamare Italy Honorable Mention-Documentary Film (Certificate)
Dinesh Lakhanpal The Wounded Souls of the Rann India Honorable Mention-Documentary Film (Certificate)
Sas Carey Transition United States Honorable Mention-Documentary Film (Certificate)

Name Photo Country Award
Kicca Tommasi The Space We Live In Italy The Golden Photo (Certificate-Officiall selected for the next festival)
Anna Laza Metaphysical Body Landscapes Romania The First Photo (Certificate)
Hamed Asgharzadeh Marghmaleki A window to itself (Social Documentary) Iran The Second Photo (Certificate)
Muhammad Gharibi Angels Iran The Third Photo (Certificate)
Isfahan , Iran
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